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Invest into unique property development schemes with our selection of fixed rate investment bonds.

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London has become no stranger to change and over the past few years we have seen a rapid expansion in the property markets from overseas investors. Benefit from a number of hand-picked property bonds personally tailor made to suit your portfolio and generate a healthy return on your capital.

The capital raised from the bonds will be used to fund the development of many properties across the United Kingdom; in return, investors will a very competitive return on the bonds which Hamilton and Mason offers.

Bond Highlights

Growth or Income

Choose to receive your returns as regular quarterly payments or in a lump sum at the end of the term.

Asset Backed

All of our fixed income bonds come with investor protection on the form of a 1st legal charge over the companies assets.

A Proven Track Record

Our track record is there for all to see. We publish our performance data for every project, every year.

A Fixed Rate of Return

One of the benefits of our fixed rate bonds, is that our investors can lock in a rate of return of up to 16.8% per year for the full duration of the investment.

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What our Customers Say


I initially enquired online and was massively surprised with how quick and efficient Hamilton and Mason were, I’m very happy with the service so far!


Incredibly happy with the guys at Hamilton and Mason I’m looking forward to my next dividend and continuing my relationship.


Looked into the background of the company as I had never heard of them before, once everything checked out I decided to invest £40,000 and have never looked back. I have received.

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We let you invest directly into projects that give a good return from generating clean energy.

Property Bond
  • Property Bond
  • Renewable Energy
1 year
  • 1 year
  • 2 years
  • 3 years
The amount must be £5000 or greater.
Expected Return in 1 year
9.5% / £475

Projected returns are based on past data under conditions of normal variability which may not remain the same in the future.

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